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Chimmy Churry ™   is a espadrille proposal for girls and boys! This idea arises from the formula design + color + young spirit.
As a result, it innovates and transforms this classic product into a footwear with a wave that adopts different formats: espadrilles, slippers, sandals, nautical and buttoned with a base made with noble materials based on natural fibers such as jute, canvas and fabric specially selected to optimize its quality . 
The  Chimmy Churry ™ line It is an explosion of colors and designs that reinvents this national classic. Platforms, prints and appliques are some of the elements with which the brand plays and makes them a form of relaxed expression of today. Animal print, ethnic drawings and super vibrant duotone versions are some of the variants that bring originality and style.
Continuing the tradition, Chimmy Churry ™  shoes   are 100% Argentine, throughout the production process. Get your  Chimmy Churry ™  in its online store  and in all authorized locations in the country.

Live simply!