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About Us

Chimmy Churry™ is a brand of shoes inspired in the Argentine Alpargata, combining Argentine design + colour + a youthful spirit. Through innovation, this product is transformed into a super comfortable and trendy shoe, available in different models: boat shoes, sneakers, sandals, and platform shoes, among others, made of natural fibre-based materials, such as cotton and jute, avoiding the use of materials of animal origin.
We want to share with you that Chimmy’s are:

  • Vegan: no animals are harmed or mistreated in their manufacture, and that makes us feel good :)
  • Light: because we like to tread lightly through life, most Chimmy’s weigh less than 250 grams (0.5 pounds).
  • Manufactured in Argentina: building on tradition, Chimmy Churry™ products are proudly manufactured in Argentina.

Choose Love!

Chimmy Churry Australia Team